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Welcome to the official website of Sense Networks. We are the network with an enormous reach to lifestyle, sports & design in the technological revolution that brings technology to the world. On Sense Network you will find a very extensive choice of options and usable possibilities in modern technology. For example, we have been focusing for years now on supplying and providing the latest techniques for the delivery and display of sports betting data and we offer new possibilities for offering feeds and APIs for Yahoo Sports and others. It’s a guarantee for a lot of visibility, professional presentability and a very competitively priced agreement.

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But Sense Networks goes a lot wider than that. In addition to the developments of various feeds, we also report on daily sports news. The team has a preference for football. Everyday gadgets and new products such as AI and other technologies are also not left out at SenseNetworks!

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The run on quarterbacks with a stock in the 2021 NFL Draft will be opened for the Super Bowl campaign. The QB of Texas AM will be the surprise of many chosen by the Minnesota Vikings, putting pressure on Kirk Cousins ​​in this manner. A pick later, the Houston Texans were first featured. They’re also a quarterback at Davis Mills. The third QB of the off-season Moves to Houston during all turbulence around Deshaun Watson. The Bengals boost their defense by picking up Joseph Ossai. In Washington, they then chose the intriguing receiver prospect Dyami Brown, who specializes in vertical attack and thus a weapon for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

In the coming time, we will also try to predict all 32 picks in the NFL via sports data feed towards the first round. No trades were used in this mock draft. We’ll start with a total overview of percentile athlete and all-time great athlete in the first article of this website.

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New technology & gadgets, innovative software, high-profile advertisements, all developments in social media, interactive marketing, and innovations in the car industry, you can read about this and more on Sense Networks.

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AI and certain technologies are increasingly taking hold of our lives, and in some cases, human hands become redundant. We bring you the latest news from this emerging movement. But lifestyle and gadgets are also discussed here.

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Sport is something that almost every person needs to be able to discharge and provides relaxation. Sense Networks is a big fan of sports and brings you striking sports news via the news category. From the Copa Argentina to the Spanish La Liga and English Premier League. Football (soccer!) has our absolute preference.

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To compete and succeed in a digital world, companies must align the implementation of new technology with the values ​​and expectations of employees and customers. This is evident from the report ‘Accenture Technology Vision 2020’. The twentieth edition predicts the most important technology trends for the business world for the next three years.

Tech clash

Of the more than 6,000 general and IT executives worldwide that Accenture polled for the study, 83 per cent recognize that technology has become an integral part of the human experience. For this year’s survey, Accenture also surveyed 2,000 consumers, 70 per cent of whom expect their relationship with technology to be significantly more prominent in the next three years.

Innovation DNA

Enterprises have access to an unprecedented amount of disruptive technology, such as distributed ledgers, AI, extended reality and quantum computing. To keep all this on the right track and evolve at the speed that the market demands today, organizations will have to establish their own unique innovation DNA. Three-quarters (76 per cent) of executives (source: Microsoft MSNTV) believe the commitment to innovation has never been higher, so getting it “right” requires new ways of innovating with ecosystem partners and third parties.

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We always look solution-oriented and want to keep up with the wave of new possibilities and technologies. We have already been able to help as Sense Networks with specified structured software for ticket systems in which conflicts have arisen. Together we get every problem under control!