SenseNetworks has long been committed to providing technology and data for sports feeds, particularly for the sports betting markets. SenseNetworks is a dynamic website where visitors are provided with relevant information daily and respond and implement it. Our website appeals to a specific target group, which makes advertising via SenseNetworks potentially interesting for you! Our website focuses exclusively on the European market and only offers the appropriate official issued by the corresponding authority.

Specification, design and content:

•  Ads must be one of the following file types: jpg, gif or png.
•  Advertisements must not contain pornographic images, nor links to offensive websites or references that are not discussed.
•  The content of an advertisement is discussed in advance and will have to meet the requirements approved by both groups.
•  The file should not be unnecessarily large. We want to reduce the file size of the advertisements as much as possible.
•  The content of advertisements is more likely to be accepted if it contains sports or football-related information. Of course, we also accept other promotions.

Prices and dimensions:

We only use pre-agreed prices, fully adjusted to the position you want to reserve as an advertiser. Functions can differ and (preferably) be tailor-made. Fees apply for the entire duration of the advertisement.