Messi puts on the Argentina shirt

In the last Copa América, all the Argentine players paraded to the box to collect the medal that accredited them as third in the tournament. Everyone except Lionel Messi, angry as he couldn’t because he had been expelled minutes before facing the Chilean Gary Medel without reaching major. “We do not have to be part of this corruption, of the lack of respect that we suffered during this Copa América. Corruption, referees and all that did not allow people to enjoy football”, declared Messi in a poisoned and direct dart for Conmebol. Statements that cost him three months of sanction, in addition to opening a file and about 45,000 euros. After a time, Leo will put on the Argentina shirt again for the friendlies. He will play against Brazil (November 15 in Saudi Arabia) and Uruguay (November 19 in Israel).

It was not a good America’s Cup for Leo, who scored as many goals as penalties: one. The AFA (Argentine Football Association) punishment appealed through its legal team, but which fell on deaf ears. More than anything because Conmebol did not tolerate the departure of tone. “In no case is it justifiable to judge an organization like Conmebol as corrupt, exposing it to public hatred and contempt around the world,” he stated in an official document. On November 3, the sanction expires, and Leo will return to defend his country in any case.

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