There is a lot of new technology on the way, and the SenseNetworks trendwatchers will keep you fully informed of the latest technology. What launches are in the pipeline, what will appeal to a large audience and what developments are coming this year? We have been keeping an eye on developments in the tech field for years and are happy to make our predictions for 2021. We will see these tech trends next year!

Working from home with advanced tracking and systems

Working from home becomes even easier

Today, the Netherlands may have started vaccinating, but we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Since last year, we have been working more and more from home and will undoubtedly remain in 2021. We, therefore, expect remote working and video conferencing to be made even more accessible for us. Last year, Zoom experienced enormous growth, and other providers of video services also grew fast. One startup after another in remote working is emerging, so we dare to call this a trend. Hopefully, working from home will only be made easier for us. The same goes for homeschooling.

AI and machine learning are taking off

Robots can never wholly replace human activities, but they come a long way. Artificial Intelligence is taking more and more work off our hands. Outdated data models are being replaced by intelligent structures that have been automatically generated. This is undoubtedly an advantage for organizations that have a lot to do with data processing. They benefit from the analyses made on a large scale, making it easier to make decisions. AI is even used to make music.

Cybercrime is taken seriously

Because we work online more than ever before, more and more companies and consumers are taking cybercrime seriously. A good thing as far as we are concerned. VPN connections and two-step verification are used more often. This is important to send data securely and is necessary because cybercriminals also know that we are increasingly working online.

Digitization on all fronts

The pandemic has not only made us work from home more than ever, but we are also doing a lot more digitally. Groceries, for example, but because the shops are partly closed, we order more online anyway. Delivery services work overtime, and that also applies to many webshops. Many companies, even though they had no choice, have made progress in digitization. We expect this will be no different in 2021. Digitization also has advantages when ‘normal life’ starts again. Online and offline interactions are becoming better and brighter intertwined.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are expected to increase further in 2021. More and more developers see the benefits of this. And now that our entire life takes place at home, thanks to VR and AR, we can move into a different environment. That is handy and fun. Think of remote assistance, virtual events, eye tracking and facial expression recognition. And with VR glasses, you can even move completely to another world. We recently wrote this article about shopping online with AR and certainly think it is becoming more common.