Privacy Principles

Sense Networks has built its systems from scratch to support a paradigm of data ownership and privacy. 

Since the company’s inception, Sense Networks has integrated data ownership and privacy principles into its technology and business approach.


People should have full control of their own data
People should be able to fully control the use of any data that they generate. All data collection should be “opt-in,” and users should be able to easily remove themselves and their data from the system without questions or hassle.

People should receive a meaningful benefit in exchange for sharing data
Meaningful benefits include compelling applications to help manage life better, or personalized services based on anonymous learning from “users like me.” People should be able to enjoy the benefits of these services simply in exchange for their data.

People have a right to privacy
Sense Networks respects the privacy and anonymity of its users and captures no personally identifiable information. We never share specific user data with anyone, we use best practices to ensure the safekeeping of the data we receive and we delete all raw data.

Privacy Principles

Sense Network has been a proactive advocate of consumer privacy since its inception. We follow the GSMA Privacy Policy as working principles to guide activities.

GSMA  Privacy Principle Sense  Networks Actions
Openness, Transparency and Notice
  • We provide our developers who use our SDK with privacy guidelines and tools that allow developers to show consumers their anonymous profile, opt-out and delete their data
  • We strive to communicate with clarity and transparency in all situations
Purpose and Use
  • Only mobile data is collected. No internet or other data is accessed or cross-referenced
  • We only use data for advertising purposes and if we share it, we only share anonymous profiles with established advertisers
User Choice and Control
  • People can view information collected on them via participating applications
  • People can easily opt-out of participation here
Data Minimization and Retention 
  • All information collected is anonymous
  • No personally identifiable information is collected. We do not collect name, address, or financial data
  • Raw data is deleted
Respect User Rights 
  • Please view our Privacy Policy here
  • Data is encrypted and stored in data centers that use state-of-the-art security
  • Access to data is strictly controlled
Accountability and Enforcement
  • All responsible persons at the company are accountable for ensuring these principles are met
Children and Adolescents
  • We do not knowingly collect data on children. If we become aware that we have, we will promptly remove it