Addressing the Issue of Location Data Quality

Location data gleaned from mobile devices is potentially very valuable to targeting. However, there are several challenges that are specific to location data:
Location quality: Latitudes/longitudes often do not come with accuracy information, and the reported locations may be far from the true location.
Poor accuracy measures: When locations do come with accuracy measures, they are often inaccurate. Extreme example: when using WIFI location, the WIFI base station can move, giving drastically inaccurate location, but with high reported accuracy. 
POI data quality: POI data is often missing or inaccurate. Example: all POIs at the same strip mall may have the same latitude/longitude. 
Our Chief Scientist, Dr. David Rosenberg, will be giving a talk on Addressing the Issue of Location Data Quality at the Location Intelligence conference in Washington D.C. in May. 
In his session, he will present several methods that we use for addressing these challenges in the context of mobile ad targeting.
Please let us know if you have any questions about this topic and we hope you can join us.

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