Meet the Team: David Rosenstrauch, VP, Engineering

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When did you start working at Sense Networks?

I started at Sense just over a year ago, in June 2011. Before that I was a Lead Engineer and employee number three at Demdex, a leading behavioral data management company that was acquired by Adobe.  I headed the Data Warehousing engineering team and developed several large-scale, core systems that processed incoming user data and turned it into profiles.  I worked on these from inception through the acquisition.


You worked in software development on Wall Street as well as in several technology start-ups.  What’s the difference?

The biggest difference is the general attitude. In a tech start-up you do whatever needs to get done, technology or otherwise. On Wall Street there is more structure around the role. Tech start-ups can also get a little crazy, but you get exposed to more parts of the business and different technologies. Yes, you can also wear jeans in a start-up, but I didn’t need a tie on Wall Street – just a button down shirt.


Why did you join Sense Networks?

Mobile location data is a very exciting field and there is a lot of promise for the industry.  Sense has been digging in to mobile data for several years and is offering some game-changing solutions. There was also the opportunity for more of a leadership role. It is very rewarding to help lead the team and determine the direction we’re heading.


What is keeping you busy these days?

We are continuing to refine the MacroSense® platform.  We currently process 4 billion records for 60 million users per day and this is not trivial to achieve. Working at this scale exposes any type of inefficiencies in your software and those inefficiencies get amplified at the large volume. The software really needs to be streamlined or you run into problems.  We are at the final stage of processing where it is running smooth as silk!


What is your biggest accomplishment to date at Sense?

Personally, my biggest accomplishment is all the work getting MacroSense to work at this industrial strength scale. We have a solid Hadoop cluster that is capable of processing over 550 simultaneous tasks. We’ve really cleaned it up a lot and routinely crank data through it every day.

I’m proud of what we have achieved. Running successfully in a big data environment is a real differentiator; a serious capability. There are not many companies with this expertise in location data. To put it in context, Twitter does 400 million tweets per day – we handle 4 billion records.  We still have more capacity and no immediate plans to make it bigger, but we could do so if needed.


What do you like about working at Sense?

The work is always changing; I have many projects I am juggling. I can never predict how a day will go. It’s life in a start up with a very smart team in a quickly evolving industry.  I like it to not be boring!


Little known facts about me:

 Favorite place in the world: Hawaii.  I lived and worked in Honolulu for 5 months. It’s a beautiful place with consistently good weather.

Favorite band:  The Foo Fighters. They are unbelievable in concert. I highly recommend seeing them live.

On my bucket list: To go back to Hawaii for another 6 months! 

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