Real-time nightlife discovery and social navigation.

One of Sense Networks’ earlier products, CitySense shows the overall activity level of a city, top activity hotspots, and places with unexpectedly high activity, all in real-time. It also links to Yelp and Google to show what venues are operating at those locations.  It answered the question “Where is everyone going right now?”

Eliminating the need to search  CitySense evolved searching to sensing. It passively “senses” the most popular places based on actual real-time activity and displays a live heat map. The application intelligently leverages the inherent wisdom of crowds without any change in existing user behavior, in order to navigate people to the hottest spots in a city. And it’s not dependent on having a critical mass of users on the system.

Powerful back-end infrastructure  Sense Networks built a unique back-end infrastructure that processes years of data encompassing billions of points of positioning data. Created on the MacroSense platform, CitySense leverages this historical data analysis to normalize live location data originating from tens of thousands of devices and users moving throughout a given city.

CitySense never shares location or asks for personal information  No logons, passwords, or phone numbers. Users actually own any historical data that they create within the system which is used to personalize the service. There are buttons in CitySense to “delete any data acquired in the last 24 hours” and to “delete all historical data.” After these deletions are made, personalized services will no longer operate, but users should always have this choice.